4.e.g.’s Top Tips for when applying for jobs on-line


in Coaching

For some applying on line for a job will be second nature, whether its through a job app or careers website. But for others this is new territory and especially as a consequence of our current health pandemic. I would like to share key things to think about that will build your knowledge of the job market and most importantly what actions you can take to make this digital transition. Let’s think practically and ask ourselves the What, Where, Who and How of applying on line:


Info are you being asked to provide? Depending on the platform, you may well be asked for different personal and professional information. Often candidates rush through applications not always giving enough attention to each application. Have details such as your NI number, references and logins and passwords to hand as well as your updated and tailored CV. This way you won’t waste time looking this info but focus your energy on the quality and content of your application to make it stand out. I often draw the comparison of these as the cutlery making it easier to complete your meal i.e. your application – one without the other makes it really hard work. Here at 4 e.g. we ask client to create and keep a spreadsheet to record this info, list the websites, job boards and apps as well as the actual jobs you’ve applied for.


…. Our working landscape has undeniably changed in recent months and the job market has shifted. As candidates we need to respond and adapt our behaviour just the same. No longer can we rely on face to face IRL conversations or networking to bypass the on line application which at times can feel like a gaping void. Where we apply on line is as diverse as the jobs we apply for. But it doesn’t need to be complicated. There are multiple channels and platforms to apply for the same job because that is how recruitment or Talent teams chose advertise. Think like a recruiter and use your social and digital knowledge to guide you. What I mean by this is, a one size fits all approach is unlikely to give you the result you want. So that means tailoring your application to the specific channel. If its merely an email careers inbox, then an email covering letter is critical, or if its a recruitment agency then a PDF version that you are happy with that isn’t then changed is also important. If you are using LinkedIn to apply for a job then ensure both your profile is up to date and your CV is uploaded into the platform to save you much time and represents you the way you want.


do on-line applications differ when you come to actually do them? In short, yes they do even though they share the same aim to secure the right talent for that role. From volume job boards such as Indeed and Reed, or specialty websites like https://www.thetalentmanager.com/to JobsToday app that looks to hire in a matter of days if not hours. You will likely be applying for several roles at once, so use that spreadsheet again to list the URL link to that specific job. Timing is key as well. Some careers/jobs sites expect you to complete an application in one sitting others allow you to save info as you go. Look out for this in the instructions so you know how long it will take and plan your time around this. Question types will vary also. Some sites ask for information in different ways from multiple choice, drop down menus for factual information and open text boxes with character limits. These in particular give you more freedom to state why you are the right person for the role.

And finally and possibly the most important is Why?

Keep asking what is your Why? Why are you applying for this particular job? Why are you investing your valuable time? Why should the recruiter or hirer pick your application? By reminding yourself of this each time you click through to view a job, tailor your CV to each job or even before you press SUBMIT you will save yourself time and energy. Your confidence will also benefit as doing this will keep your job search tight and true to your values and priorities. I will talk about Values in another piece so keep a look out for this. Read more here https://www.4egconsulting.uk/career-mentoring/ about how 4 e.g. can help you apply for the right roles in the right way.