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“Recruitment can be done differently. Maybe your business doesn’t have an HR or recruitment team and can’t afford costly agency fees. If you want a flexible service that fits your business, budget & busy schedule would love to partner with you”

Liz Grof, 4e.g. Consulting

Too busy to recruit the people you need?

Recruiting people is tricky at the moment. The world of work has shifted massively with higher volumes of jobs out there on offer and less people especially with the right skill set to fill those vacancies which makes finding your people abit like a needle in a haystack where often the traditional methods of finding talent just aren’t working and are costly.

4EG Consulting doesn’t do traditional or “one size fits all”. I will provide you with a service that’s designed specifically for you, your team and your needs if you are looking to do things differently – saving you money on your bottom line as well as finding the perfect fit to add value to your team whether you need help from start to finish or at a specific stage. With a fully bespoke service, I can help you by:

  • Creating job profiles that will become a tool for recruitment and much more
  • Managing your recruitment advertising from crafting attractive copy to finding the best place to get you the right candidates
  • Sourcing expertise from Talent Mapping the job market giving you both viable candidates and valuable insights to support your hiring decisions
  • Managing the application process whatever the volumes and platform you use
  • Interview management throughout every stage
  • Creating and developing interview tools, techniques and best practice that fit your business that last well past any hiring process
  • Advising on shortlisting candidates and delivering feedback to ensure you give the best candidate experience whilst upholding your employer reputation
  • Training teams on Recruitment best practice and techniques to grow your hiring know how from legal pitfalls to inclusive hiring & more
  • Employment offers and on-boarding to make sure your hire today is your talent of tomorrow and beyond

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