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“Liz worked with me after I was made redundant. She helped me to come to terms with the shock and sadness I felt and listened to my fears for the future. With a mix of practical advice and personal counselling she helped me find the confidence I needed to move on and launch my freelance career.”

Julie H.

Outplacement – Career transition

Outplacement or career transition as it is sometimes known is a service that is usually offered to employees by their employer as part of their redundancy package but can be used for others exiting a business. It is paid for by the employer and is provided by an independent third party to support them in their next career choice.

Here at 4.e.g, I have partnered with a number of organisations across sectors that wish to support their employees recognising their duty of care beyond the farewell drinks. As an independent provider of the following services, I fully tailor each and every programme to support them at this pivotal of times but also with tools that will last a working life time.

Each programme is fully flexible but benefits from having a 6 sessions usually 1 hour each over an agreed timeframe, delivered in person or remotely with both an intro and closing session to best fit their learning style and can cover:

  • Understanding their work values, strengths, technical and personal skill set vital to presenting themselves to the job market
  • Career choice understanding – creating more real and wide-ranging options for the individual beyond the traditional “employee” status
  • Creating job market awareness developing the individual’s understanding of their value in the market
  • Expertise and advice on Job market navigation across all channels to market 4.e.g. engaging with recruitment agencies
  • Building networking and connection activity
  • CV creation and evolution – through bespoke CV templating evolving a CV to perfectly reflect their skills and experience
  • Job application support from search through to submission
  • Reviewing & building personal branding across Social Media/ LinkedIn giving tangible actions to increase presence
  • Interview skills assessment and on-going coaching – developing confidence in any interview setting
  • Follow up and feedback – so individuals can make the most of every recruitment experience to best inform future career choices
  • Empowering the individual to negotiate and secure that next role or career stage that’s right for them
  • Practical advice and guidance on the alternative road to self-employment

If you are a business wanting to offer this service to support your outgoing employees then get in touch to discuss your organisation’s needs

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